Some skills are simply worth knowing.

There's a lot of ways to communicate, but one of the most valuable methods in the internet era is through coding. Knowing how to code even a little bit shows that computers are not magic boxes, but instead increadibly powerful tools. This website is one of the many resources on the internet that can give you a place to start learning how to code.

In addition to coding, there are a whole suite of computer skills that can help you be more independent in your communication goals. Vector graphics, video editing, and loads of other things can help you be more effective in communication. Self-made visuals can make the things you produce truly yours.

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There are good tools on the internet.

Students learn well when exploration is rewarded with discovery. There are many topics that are difficult to explore in the real world; for example, seeing first-hand how alleles change under selective pressures takes a long time and a lot of resources. The people who developed such subjects had the benefit of years of first-hand experience, and unfortunately, many students are deprived of intuition-building experiences for such subjects.

However, simulations and other tools can give students a way to test their thinking instantly, giving them a way to learn like a scientist learns from experiment results. Here, I collect simulations as I make them so that students can have a more productive learning experience for difficult concepts.

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