Some skills are simply worth knowing.

There's a lot of ways to express yourself, but one of the most valuable methods in the internet era is through coding. Knowing how to code even a little bit, and combining that with a persistent curiosity about what you can do with it, gives you an edge in life that past generations would envy us for. I want to be one of the many on the internet that can give you a place to start learning, from scratch.

Well, go figure, there are even more skills you can gain on computers that are worth knowing. Vector graphics, video editing, and loads of other things are also interesting. Maybe I have less motivating arguments for why you should learn those things too, but I like them, and if you think you'd like it you can give it a try.

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There are good tools on the internet.

Sometimes, somebody already made the thing you need. We've gotten as far as we have with computers by building off of what other people have done. I certainly couldn't & wouldn't be able to code in 1's and 0's. So, since I've benefitted so much from other people's stuff, I share some of my own, and hope it might be useful.

I believe that education only works when learners have motivation. Some parts of learning can be daunting, especially for topics whose finish line isn't very visible. Coding can help! I hope the apps I create can help students understand various topics via real-time practice, and leave them with more motivation than what they started with.

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